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The best site of coin buy & sell, This site is works for tiktok coin user. users can easily buy or sell their tiktok coin through this site.

Buy Tiktok Coin

In-app virtual currency used for purchasing and sending virtual gifts to creators as a form of appreciation.

Withdraw Coin

Withdraw from tiktok shop by sending coin vendor and you will get money on your local wallet.

Secure Payment

Refers to the use of technologies to ensure the security of financial transactions.

Global Account

Tiktokshop support all the country worldwide and the account is fully secure.

About Company

in-app currency paid for with real money.

As with many other social media apps, TikTok has added an in-app currency system that lets users convert real-world money into virtual funds. This currency system enables users to send money to their favourite creators and streamers as a show of support and gratitude or for creators to promote their posts. The coins shouldn’t be mistaken for a cryptocurrency, however, as they can only be bought and spent within the TikTok app itself.

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Create your Account

Click in login/register button & fill your information & password

Step 2

Select Recharge Amount

Go to dashboard and get buy coin & select recharge amount

Step 3

Select Payment Method

Go to dashboard and get buy coin or select payment Method

Step 4

Select Payment Method

Payment done & instant coin Transfer it's so easy


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Pitter Son

"Chief Technology Officer"

Transaction System

Really a great transaction system, which one is good for Safety. And also a faster transaction system is available here.

Olivia Ava

"Chief Marketing Officer"


This site is really great for their smoothness. No loading time I have seen here.

Broan Mitz

"Chief Executive Officer"


I have never seen any site with so many features. That is very impressive.